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Meet Jimmy & Tommy

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Jimmy (14) and Tommy (11) are two of the US's premier pocketbike racers.   Their Jacksonville, Florida based racing team is headed up by their father, "Philmoto" Phil DiGiandomenico.  These two boys each started riding pocketbikes at the tender age of 4, and now, with more experience than many adults have on the racetrack, can usually be found giving their adult competition a seriously hard time.   They started on little 3.5 hp novelty pocket bikes, and then moved on to real Mini-GP Italian Open-Class racing machines, and have been clocked at over 55 mph!  They have been featured on RealTV, Motorcyclist on Speedvision, and various other national and local television news, motorcycling, and sports shows.  They have been covered in print by countless newspapers and magazines, and appeared in an awesome feature article in Motorcyclist magazine.  They are now sponsored by some of the best brand names in the industry.

Click here to see the J&T 2002 Racing Video

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J&T currently compete in pocketbike road racing events all over the USA, after a successful stint racing in the AHDRA Junior Drag Bike class where they had to fight to make their bikes slow enough to compete.  After first breaking out with such fast times that they severly embarassed all the four-stroke boys in their $4000.00+ machines, Jimmy finally managed to tame his times enough to not break out and claimed runner-up in his class in at the 1999 April 24th Pennington AHDRA Spring Nationals.  Tommy's custom wheelie bars got quite a workout much to the delight of the crowd, but still he broke out.  Hopefully one day they can slow him down enough to win at drag racing!  ...but for now both Jimmy and Tommy are much more at home dragging knee on the pocketbike road racing circuit, where their speeds aren't restricted by junior class racing regulations, and where they often get to compete with, and even win against adults in open class races.

Wherever pocketbike racing competition takes place in the US, you can expect these racers to be leading their classes.

J&T Racing is available for demonstration events and exhibitions.

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Jimmy & Tommy at Road Atlanta 2002
(pictured with fellow Joe Rocket sponsored rider, Nicky Hayden)

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Jimmy & Tommy
APRA wins in 2001

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Jimmy #1 APRA
National Points Champion

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Tommy #3 APRA
National Points Ranking

Jimmy & Tommy at the 2001 Daytona 200
(sponsored by Arai)

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Pictured with Kenny Roberts Sr. (right) holding their new KR designed Arai Kenny Roberts Series helmets
...and pictured left with new friend and fellow Arai sponsored rider, Kurtis Roberts

Sport Rider Magazine, December 2000

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